New Official FlatPress Style: Leggero v2

February 27, 2015

I'm pleased to announce that NoWhereMan, the maintainer of FlatPress, approved my new take on the classic FlatPress theme. Leggero v2 is part of the FlatPress source code, as an available style for the Leggero theme.

I present you, Leggero v2!

Some quick details about it:

  • It's 100% responsive
  • It works properly with Internet Explorer, as well as with any modern web browsers
  • It uses web fonts with shadows, has a transparent sidebar and a fixed background image
  • It looks modern and actual, while still having the "FlatPress / Leggero" feel it should have

Hope you like it!

As I said, it's already part of the FlatPress sources on GitHub, so you can download the latest source code right away and grab Leggero v2 from the themes folder and test it out. It's a style, within the Leggero theme (like Flatmaas). In case of a new install using the latest sources, simply go to the themes section of the admin CP and select Leggero v2 in the styles option.

Download FlatPress on GitHub:
GitHub | FlatPress

Official support thread for Leggero v2:
FlatPress Forum | Leggero v2 Discussion

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