How to Create Great Content

May 25, 2015

It's not always easy to produce content that is worth someone else's time, something that is worth posting. Sometimes you get it right, some other times you don't. The key here is to be steady and make sure everything is in place to allow yourself to create great content every time. 

When browsing the Internet, people need to get their hands on the information they're looking for as fast as possible. What does that mean? It means they are laser focused, impatient and have a very short attention span. What are the most basic things you can do to maximize your chances to satisfy these people and present them the awesome, compelling content they're looking for?

Be One Step Ahead of the Competition

Your forum or blog is in a niche that possibly contains hundreds, if not thousands of other sites that cover the same topics. If you're not better than them, you'll just be one of those ordinary sites. If you're able to be one step ahead of the competition and bring new fresh ideas to your niche, you're going to become a reliable source of information. Take a good look at your competition and find what they're not doing right, what are their weaknesses. Work things up from there. Being able to spot what the others are failing to do properly will give you insight as to how you can improve your offer as a webmaster.

Take Your Time

Don't rush it out. While I think it's possible to create good content fast, let's face it: It's usually best to take your time and make absolutely sure you publish a top quality article that will deliver. Would you rather publish a bunch of half-assed articles you made in a hurry, or a single one that required quite a bit of time, but is very good? Pretty easy to choose uh? It's just another way to say quality is better than quantity

Be Creative

Again, don't do what all the others out there are already doing. If it's easy, it's probably not worth that much, right? Some sites just copy and publish content that can be found on a bunch of other sites. This is lame, so don't do it. It's still the same old quality > quantity concept all over again.

Find new ways to present and talk about compelling things that will make your visitors craving for more. Be excited and exciting, go straight to the point and provide your target audience with exactly what they're asking for: Genuine, top quality information. A good approach is to be as focused as possible on your subject so that the reader won't get distracted because you don't keep it straight to the point. Trying to cover too much ground in one single article is a mistake some inexperienced bloggers will do on a regular basis. Stay focused! 


The 3 examples above are quite basic, but they will definitely give you an edge towards creating you own great content on a regular basis. Always keep in mind that if you don't come up with great content, others will. What's your plan? 

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