MadAdsMedia Review: CPM Ads Network

March 9, 2016

MadAdsMedia is a CPM ads provider for website publishers who wish to monetize their websites. They offer CPM ads only, so no CPC here. I've been personally working with them for more than a year and they are, by far, the best Adsense alternative I could find. Let's see why.


Their minimum requirements are reasonable: 10,000 page views per day. They're looking for well designed sites with friendly content. They're a pretty good fit for medium to big sized websites that seek to generate passive revenues.

Ads Quality: Good to Excellent

MadAdsMedia offer CPM banner ads. No text-only ads. Their ads can contain images, animations or videos, but they are always silent. I didn't experience any weird or unusual ads from them except on very rare occasions. They are a reliable ads provider, content-wise. They don't serve you bullshit "You computer is infected!" ads. If such malicious ads appear, report them immediately and their support team will remove them right away.

The ads are available in 3 formats: 300x250 banners, 728x90 banners and 160x600 skyscrapers. You can integrate them using asynchronous Javascript or iframes. They won't slow down your page loading times.

In your publisher control panel, you can set the minimum CPM you're willing to accept for your site. When there are no advertisers remaining at your defined rate, they will send the remainder of your ad requests to your "passback tags" (typically a "house ad" or another ad network's tags). That way, if you want, you'll never receive cheap ads that won't generate anything (Public Service Ads). So yes, they are compatible with other ad networks, which is good.

Revenues: Average to Good

Let's talk about CPM rates. CPM means they're paying you X amount of money every time you publish 1,000 impressions of their ads. Their CPMs will vary between $0.10 and $0.50, which is pretty reasonable. I used to score in the $0.40s last year, but as I'm writing this, my CPMs are down to about $0.10 - $0.11 since a few months, which isn't that great, but not that bad either. CPM rates depend on numerous factors: Traffic, niche, banner placement, etc.

I make less money than with Google Adsense... But a lot more than with any other Adsense alternative I've ever tried.

They Pay on Time

Yes they pay and they pay on time. You can choose either to be paid by check or via Paypal. I've tried both and they're perfectly reliable. Minimum payment is $50, net 45 days.

Good Support

It's easy to get in touch with someone over at MadAdsMedia. You can either contact your assigned account manager, or reach directly the support team. They usually get back to you on the next business day and are always of great help. Every few months I go ahead and drop an email to my account manager to make sure everything is optimized to maximize revenues. They're always happy to help and they'll always come back to me with a few tips and tricks.


All in all, MadAdsMedia is a great partner to monetize your website. They offer reliable quality ads, they generate decent revenues and they pay. What else do you need? I recommend them to anyone who wants to generate revenues from a website with reasonable traffic.

If you're not going to use Google Adsense for some reason, I recommend you try MadAdsMedia and see for yourself. They're possibly the best Adsense alternative on the market right now.

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