March 10, 2016

Talk about some Retro Gaming!

I’ve wanted to play this game for ages (!) but never got to it for some reason. With the new Obduction game coming out in June, I figured it was time to dive right in and start with the first Myst game.

I decided to get my hands on RealMyst: Masterpiece Edition. It’s the 3D remake of the original Myst. Myst being a 1993 game, it’s pretty obvious that it doesn’t run that good on today’s computers. I tried it because it was my first choice, but it was pretty unstable on my Windows 7 system. That’s why I had to go with RealMyst.

I’m usually a fan of old (and old looking) games, but I have to say that RealMyst looks amazing. The atmosphere the game has under this 3D engine is very impressive.

I made my way through 2 ages as of now. Most of the enigmas need you to make use of your logic and common sense, which is absolutely compelling.

For $17.99, you get RealMyst Masterpiece Edition on GOG:

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