Why I Switched Back From WordPress to Blogger

March 21, 2017

Switching between blog platforms is now a yearly thing for me. It seems I can’t satisfy myself with one single platform on the long run. I’ve been enjoying WordPress for a while, until I figured it contained a ton of cool features I didn’t need after all. I gladly traded these bells and whistles for increased simplicity and ease of use. 

I’m going to share what made me ditch WordPress and move back to Google’s Blogger. 

WYSIWYG & Page Layout

Let’s make things clear. I always compose my drafts outside of my blog. For instance, I composed this article in Dropbox Paper because I prefer a distraction-less text editor. Once I’m ready, I copy it to my blog, make some fine-tuning, check the preview, then I post my article. 

The tricky part with WordPress is when you paste your content from an outside source. Be it Microsoft Word, Evernote, Dropbox Paper, you name it… Unless you paste it as plain text, your paragraphs and the gap between them are going to be messed up because of the way WordPress handles text formatting. Good luck fixing that. You definitely won't get what you see! That sounds like no big deal, but it’s a huge annoyance on the long run. Major deal breaker for me. 

With Blogger, you don't have to deal with such issues. It pastes properly at all times without screwing up the article's body. The only things you have to rework after pasting are titles and images. 

Google+ Comments > WordPress Comments

My blog posts don’t get a lot of comments, alright. Therefore, I was pretty surprised to get even less of them on WordPress. The number of comment I got in the last year went down by about 80%. 

Also, despite using all the features available to me on WP, I was getting a lot of spam. Spam is super rare when using Google+ Comments, simply because you have to be authenticated with a Google account in order to submit a comment. Yes, most people have a Google account in 2017. 

Integrated With My Google Account

A small detail, but still. I’m a big user of Google’s Services. Therefore, it’s a plus for me that Blogger exists within the same realm as the other Google Products I’m using. I don’t have to go anywhere outside of Google’s Cloud to manage my blog. 

Things I’ll Miss

I’ll miss a few things from WordPress, but they’re mostly details and Nice to haves. No core features or deal breakers that would make things feel tedious with Blogger. 
  • Jetpack’s features such as its auto-publish to social networks and infinite scrolling. 
  • Facebook Thumbnail fixer. 
  • Smileys (Can't believe you still have to insert them manually in 2017!)

Like I said, the things I’m missing are details or smaller features, nothing that will break my blogging experience or make things super tedious… In my opinion. If you’re more about bells and whistles, or a huge WordPress fan maybe you won’t agree. 

Alright, let me know if I forgot anything of interest, or if you think I made a big mistake! 

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