Brood War Patch 1.18

May 6, 2017

If you’re a StarCraft fan, this is probably old news. Patch 1.18 makes Starcraft free to play and compatible with modern operating systems. You read it well! You don’t need your old scratched CDs or your old computer running Windows 98. That’s the biggest update since 1.08. (1.08 was released in May 2001 and thoroughly reworked the game balance)

1.18 also integrates a revamped that works. It’s still being developed, so new features (like profiles) similar to what we can find on for other Blizzard games are to be expected. We should be able to discover them between now and the time Remastered is released. 

They are actively developing the game again. At the moment of posting this, we're already playing 1.18.4. 

Take note that they didn’t touch the game’s mechanics or balance. 

Specific Changes & Improvements
  • Observer chat no longer displays for players in-game
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed invalid password bug for private games
  • Fixed receiving credit for beating AI
  • Fixed Brood War games showing up as lobbies for players in StarCraft
  • Fixed firewall helper crash on startup
  • Fixed IME issues on Mac
  • Fixed crash when attempting to rejoin previous channel under certain circumstances
  • Fixed most Friends chat commands in game (/f m still being fixed)

Known Issues
  • Creation of control groups failing when mouse buttons are held down; have a fix in test, will release soon
  • Mouse speed incorrect using fullscreen on high resolution monitors; issue under deeper investigation
  • Still working through chat commands that are not implemented in the new chat system
  • Improved logging to help gather information on graphics card related issues
  • /stats and /f m inoperable; have a fix in test

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