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August 15, 2019

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Discovered this game entirely by accident while browsing the Google Play Store. It's pretty cool and very F2P friendly.

The combat can be automated and made faster after only a short time. After a few days, I hit several super high level bosses that took me several days to beat. Pretty challenging, but not too grindy yet.

All in all, you get all the interesting Gacha elements that type of games usually provides you with. The tower, the arena, the tavern, the labyrinth, etc. All those elements integrate well with one another and do not feel needlessly grindy. It's always fun to receive those rewards and combine things together to enhanced them. :)

The game could use a few QOL improvements IMHO.

For instance, why dispatch heroes manually for the tavern bounties? Mobile Legend: Adventures does that automatically for you. The same goes for the library, why dispatch each single hero manually?

Also, the way heroes are sorted in the Heroes screen doesn't consider regular heroes VS heroes improved through the Resonating Crystal. Because of that, you find yourself switching to the next hero in order to level it up, only to notice it's a blessed hero from the resonating crystal. Level up current Hero. Next Hero, can't level that one upNext hero, oh, same thing. Next, oh, I can level that one up. Next... When you think about it, AFK Arena isn't the only game with that issue...

AFK Arena is a lot of fun and will keep you entertained a few minutes every day. That's what an AFK game is for isn't it? It does everything it has to and it does it right.

You can install the game from the Play Store:
AFK Arena - Google Play Store


  1. Your article was useful for me. It was very informative and i can see that you know about the topic. i want to make my own tier list. I seen many other best AFK Arena tier list websites.
    If you have any idea about where i should get it from, let me know.

    1. You can take a look at Tier List Maker, it’s the reference when it comes to tier lists. Here’s an example:

      It would be a good start.

      As for which heroes are good, perhaps you can ask for help on the game's Subreddit:

      Hope this helps!