Mobile Legends: Adventure

August 20, 2019

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After playing AFK Arena for about a week, I stumbled upon Mobile Legends: Adventure and figured I'd post a short review of that game too. It's mostly the same game as AFK Arena, but way more polished. Everything is perfectly streamlined for an optimal experience. All your daily tasks are relevant and make sense, the UI is super easy to use and has you racing through all the menus you have to work with seamlessly.

I like how it's easy to manage your heroes and keep them fully upgraded and geared-up at all times. They're all easily recognizable and don't all look the same.

The battles can be accelerated quite a bit, so things go fast. At all times you're able to see which heroes do what and fix your lineup accordingly. Secret tip: It seems the battle goes even faster if you disable high-frequency mode in the options. 

The drop rates are very good. It's easy to acquire heroes, useful gear and all the different currencies found in the game. Each single battle will give you something. The grind is pretty soft, I think it's a bit more F2P-friendly than AFK Arena.

The relevant game modes are all present. The tower, the arena, the labyrinth, the time portal. It's so much fun, I wish there were even more modes. Apparently a new one is coming in an upcoming update. Let's wait and see.

All in all, I prefer MLA to AFK Arena. It feels more polished and seems to be a better, more generous and more balanced game. It's my favorite hero collector / idle game yet. Nothing feels redundant or pointless. It's fun.

Check it out for yourself:
Mobile Legends: Adventure - Google Play Store

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