Why I'm Retiring From Factorio

August 22, 2019

Image result for factorio meme crackFactorio, what a game! Some people say it's like crack, but I've never tried crack so I can't tell. After playing less than 50 hours, I decided some time ago it was enough of that crazy addicting game.  That being said, Factorio is one of the most creative and fun games I've ever played. If you thought Minecraft was addicting, think again...

It's like a drug...

Factorio is the most addictive game I've ever played. The "One last thing..." factor is brutal here. There's always one little detail, one little thing you can optimise to make things run smoother, then another little one... Oh and that one too... Then it's 1AM and you're working tomorrow. Oops!

Factorio is the only game that has ever kept me awake at night. Not because I'd play all night long... But because I couldn't stop thinking about it. I'd literally close my eyes in bed and see conveyor belts. I'd fall asleep thinking of belts. I'd wake up thinking of belts.

Too long, never ends...

Starting a new game will require you several hours of fooling around, until you get your factory to somewhat work on its own. The early game phase is pretty long and pretty repetitive from one game to another.

Then you get builder robots. Automated defenses. Automated trains. Sleep deprivation. Depression. ...Oh wait, kinda went off track here. Pun intended.

Worse than that, even when you're done and launched the satellite, it's not over. I already hear you saying "Oh, why bother start a new game when I can optimize my current one and launch X rockets / Y minutes!". Screw that!

And don't get me started on nuclear power, I didn't even have the courage to fiddle with it!

I wish Factorio a long life, but it'll be without me.

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